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How to fix poor contact?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Are your errant shots and poor contact caused by a lack of rotation? It is a misconception that rotation comes only comes from your shoulders. Rotation is created through a combination of your back and hips.

So how do you rotate?

A simple practise drill is putting a club across the front of your shoulders, and crossing your arms to hold the club in place, than bend forward like you are setting up to hit a golf ball.

Simply focus on rotating to the right (or left for those lefties) by pulling your lower ribs back and keeping both shoulders moving together against your club shaft as you turn, allowing your hips to natural turn. Once your shoulders have turned together as much as they can, you will see your upper body has rotated to around 90 degrees and your hips are around 60 degrees.

Now turn back through to the left, pulling the left side back through, doing the best job you can of keeping your head still in the process. When you do this you will notice naturally your hips will go with you. Now apply the same feeling and image over the ball when you holding the golf club.

Happy hitting,


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