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Why Katelyn?


Golf is a game of intricacies and doing a lot of 1% things well. It can be challenging without guidance to know you're putting your time and thoughts in the right place.


Together we can break down the barriers of where you are right now and where you really want to be with your golf game and exactly how that will look. We will create a plan to build your fundamental skills, establish core technical principles and improve your scoring ability as a player. 

Students range from beginners to professionals, so which ever level you are at we can create a plan that suits. 

Katelyn's Teaching Philosophy 

Golf improvement is exciting. There is nothing more enjoyable than showing players how they can hit the ball better, or improve their score. Whatever your goals are we will use simple, modern concepts, that are clear and above all - IMPROVE YOUR GOLF in less time.

I focus on the areas that you make a small change for the biggest results - why not MAXIMISE your potential!

Who is this suitable for? 

If you are a person who:

  • Has very specific golf goals, whether that is technical, practise or score oriented.

  • Want a specified customised program for your golf.

  • Want to gain a better understanding of YOUR golf swing, short game, putting, and countless other parts of the game.

  • Enjoy one on one attention.

  • Ready to improve and put the work in.

Are you ready for better golf?
Click the button BELOW to get starteD.
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