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Katelyn is a PGA Player and Coach, offering a modern, holistic approach to golf improvement and learning. Katelyn prides herself on delivering results and providing services that open your mind to new possibilities. 

Growing up fascinated by the game and how I could be my best self, winning as many tournaments as I could.


Its with this drive that lead me to a golf obsessed lifestyle - learning as much as I can, in as many different ways as possible. Knowing that not one style is for all, I surround myself with an abundance of learning from all avenues - biomechanics of the body, psychological methods, better on course strategies from the worlds best players, creating habits that stick for quicker improvements and so much more. 


I believe to reach your full potential as a golfer, we need to have a holistic approach with your mind and body and create not only a golf swing that will deliver you results under pressure, but a golf game that keeps you enjoying the game for a very long time. 



DAVID - Australia

I have improved my handicap from 24 to 14. 

I don't hit big cuts anymore, I am confident with my putter and above all I have skills to play consistently to my handicap. 

Katelyn not only improved my technique, but golf nutrition and pre game exercises too.


I couldn't recommend a better person for your golfing journey! 


She gave me some incredible tips and straight away I stopped topping shots and gained 20yards with my Driver!

I have continued online coaching and have reduced my handicap from 45 to 23.


I am consistent and enjoy the game so much more.


I highly recommend her.

PHIL - Australia

Katelyn is quite frankly the BEST Golf Instructor I have ever had.

By chance I met Katelyn, shenassessed my game and made subtle changes, at the same time offering me boundless encouragement.

All aspects of my game improved!

She is fantastic and inspirational to be around, her ambition and focus just rubs off on you.

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